Teeth bleaching

A beautiful smile affects our mood, positive self-assessment and self-confidence. It is also a big advantage in our relationships with other people, both in private and professional life. Teeth are of significant importance for the look of our smile. It appears that about 50% of patients are not satisfied with the natural colour of their teeth. Additionally, drinking tea, coffee and juices or smoking may cause stains on your teeth. How to remedy such a situation and make our smile snowy-white? It’s obvious! The solution is teeth bleaching, which is now very popular in dental aesthetics.

There are many bleaching products available on the market. There are home solutions in the form of liquids, pastes, strips and gel trays, which require multiple application, but the effect achieved is not always satisfactory to the patient.

At CHARME CLINIQUE we use the state-of-the-art and completely safe bleaching method called Sapphire® Professional Whitening, ensuring satisfaction with a beautiful white smile.

Teeth bleaching with the Sapphire® Professional Whitening method

In the teeth bleaching method proposed by CHARME CLINIQUE the active agent is peroxide. As a strongly oxidising agent, it penetrates the enamel and dentine, reaching the pulp cavity. During the procedure, the dentist protects the gums and applies the whitening gel to the whole surface of the teeth. In order to accelerate whitening, teeth are subjected to light produced by the Sapphire® PAC plasma arc lamp equipped with a special crystal to equally scatter light all over the surface of the teeth. Use of the plasma arc as an additional source of energy enhances oxidation.

Sapphire® PAC plasma lamps are distinguished among other lamps by their high intensity light, narrow wave spectrum of 450–500 nm, and filtration of red and ultra-red light, which significantly lowers the risk of tooth tissue overheating. The crystal provided in the lamp scatters the light beam in order to guarantee equal bleaching of all teeth.

The teeth bleaching procedure takes place at a surgery, usually during one visit and always under the care of a dentist. In order to enhance the effect, teeth must be professionally cleaned 2 weeks before bleaching.

For the bleaching effect to be permanent and satisfactory to the patient, it is recommended not to drink beverages or eat food that causes staining (e.g. juices, coffee, tea, red wine, fruit) for a few days following the procedure. The teeth bleaching effect depends heavily on the dietary habits of the patients and the amount of cigarettes they smoke.

Who may have their teeth bleached?

Anybody who is not satisfied with their teeth may have their teeth bleached with the Sapphire® Professional Whitening method. Both yellowish or stained and non-vital teeth will be bleached. It must be remembered, however, that composite fillings in teeth or ceramic restorations (e.g. all-ceramic crowns, veneers) will not change their colour. Therefore, fillings or the restoration of replacements is recommended in order to adjust them to the bleached teeth. Replacement will be done after the bleaching, preferably after the 6 weeks necessary for tooth colour stabilisation.

Teeth bleaching contraindications


  • allergy to bleaching agents,
  • history of tumour diseases,
  • pregnancy and breast feeding,
  • cigarette smoking,
  • taking medicines resulting in teeth staining, e.g. iron compounds.


  • caries,
  • periodontal diseases,
  • extensive fillings,
  • cervical third cavities,
  • exposed root surfaces.

How to keep the effect of white teeth?

Teeth bleaching with the Sapphire® Professional Whitening method makes teeth brighter and whiter. However food or beverages may result in the recurrence of stains. In order to avoid this, control visits are recommended every six months in order to professionally clean your teeth at the dentist's surgery, as well as proper oral hygiene.

Teeth bleaching with the Sapphire® PAC method proposed by CHARME CLINIQUE is fast, effective and safe to teeth and gums. The resulting beautiful and white smile is a perfect solution for those who care for their teeth and also their time.